Christmas at Family House!

Christmas can be simultaneously full of joy and full of stress! We don’t think coming to church this Christmas should be stressful. We would love to have you join us for our month long celebration of Jesus coming to earth at Family House. Check out all the information below and Plan a Visit with us!

  • 4 Week Christmas series...

    Beginning on Sunday, December 3, we will be investigating together why the birth of Jesus was so scandalous in His time and even in ours. 

  • Celebrate advent!

    Advent means "arrival or coming.” Celebrating Advent can be a very aligning experience. We prepare our hearts for Jesus’ arrival again in a new way. Each week, we will take time in our worship gathering to walk through the four areas of alignment: Hope, Preparation, Joy and Love. We will light a candle each week symbolizing the area and pray that the Lord will move our hearts back into alignment with His. Also, each week, we will post reminders on social media to help center us on each of the areas. Advent begins Sunday, December 3.

  • Christmas Eve at Family House...

    Christmas Eve is always a special time! We will have a family service for all ages. We will sing carols, have special Christmas goodies and finish up both Advent and our Scandalous Christmas series. Christmas Eve at Family House is Sunday, December 24 at 10am.

  • Plan your visit!

    We’d love to know you plan to join us so we can be ready to greet you! Click the link below…

    Plan Your Visit!